26 November, 2011

Gift Ideas

While visiting my family for thanksgiving I ventured out for some black friday shopping. Needless to say, I spent wayyy more than I planned on, and I didn't even make a dent in my shopping list.  So, all day i've been trying to think of gifts that I can make for my family and friends that are budget friendly. If you are anything like me, you try to make your money go as far as possible when it comes to christmas gifts. I've done a pretty decent job in the past with crafty gifts, and I've already got a few ideas for this year, but I've got a lot more searching to do on Pinterest and other blogs before I get everything figured out!

So, I thought i'd share some gifts i've created for past holidays and birthdays in hopes of inspiring your crafty side to save money during the holidays!

The Cooler-- what guy doesn't want a cooler to hold all of his beer  drinks :) that is custom painted for him and what he likes??  I've done a ton of coolers to date and it is by far my favorite gift to give. I did this one for my wonderful boyfriend for our first christmas together! [ I posted a few weeks ago the cooler I painted for my dad recently too]


These were some simple paintings I did for my boyfriend's birthday a while back. These logos were free-handed but could be altered for paintings that anyone could do! 
1. Just print out a logo of any brand you would like to rhicreate, 
2. cut it out, 
3. trace around the edges lightly with a pencil 
4. Use acrylic paint from michaels, hobbylobby, or walmart, and fill it in! 

this was for a friend's birthday: 
- It was done on canvas board (flat board) with 3 simple acrylic paint colors, and would be great for a fun birthday present. 

These were all various paintings done for friends and friends of friends for gifts:

And there's always baking... I know my painting skills definitely outweigh my skills in the kitchen, but it's all about effort right!? So, I figured i'd share my efforts. 

1. For the cupcakes: 8 cupcakes, pink frosting, a squeeze tube of red frosting (on the cake aisle)
2. Candy
3. A mussshhy card
4. In the jar--- about 50 valentines (cars and buzz lightyear of course) all with special love messages :)

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