25 November, 2011

Just call me Santa's Helper!

I've been busy over this thanksgiving break! I'm getting caught up on all of my painting commissions that are owed to people, ya'll are keeping my busy and I LOVE IT! I started with christmas crafting and painting to add to my holiday spirit, then it will be on to a wedding sign, and a painting of a cute little owl. I thought i'd share what i've been up to.. enjoy!

again if you would like to see more- visit my facebook page RhiCreates Facebook

 Ornaments: some have vinyl decals that i've cut with my Circut, and the rest are hand painted. I sell these for $7-$20 each depending on size, design, and type. 

Paintings for Artini's December Calendar - Check it out! www.artinisartlounge.com 
     It's my awesome job! I teach people how to paint a specific painting and have the option of drinking beer and wine while having fun!

Paintings for Splash Into Art:  I also teach here :) I told you I was busy! Same deal as above, but in another town! Check it out www.splashintoart.com

Just Random Arts & Crafts for some wonderful customers:

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  1. Hi!! I'm super excited about the ornament painting as a gift for my brother and sister -inlaws but I was wondering - do you paint the names on or use a marker of some sort? I'd MUCH rather use a marker but I'm not sure what I could use over acrylic. Any suggestions? I love your site by the way!!