30 December, 2011

Paint and Peacocks...

** the following paintings can be purchased at http://www.etsy.com/shop/RhiCreates

I've been busy tonight working on a few paintings as well as painting a wine glass! 
(wine glass tutorial will be posted in the next few days! yaayyy!)

     My favorite colors are inspired by the teal, purple, and pinks found in peacock feathers and I have been trying to think of a better way of incorporating these into my bedroom decor. I decided to do a grouping of small paintings with these colors and various graphics to hang over my bed. Tonight I worked on 3 out of 6 and I thought I would share with you how I went about painting them. It was super easy, and it only took me a couple of hours to get completely done with all 3!
ps- when I get them all done and hung up, I will share the final result :)

1. I painted a 11x14 canvas black
2. I used purple as the main color and began to paint the feather with thin, whimsical and wispy lines
3. I added the remaining colors 1 layer at a time
color order:  purple, blue, green, darker blue, purple, pink. 

1. For the next painting, I painted the entire canvas a turquoise blue, which was straight from a bottle of acrylic paint I purchased at Hobby Lobby
2. I painted the basics of the feather starting with purple and working to the top right
3. I began adding more and more lines by layering color on top of other colors
4. I added a few black lines to finish off the feather and really make it pop!

This last painting was by far the easiest!
1. I painted my entire 8x10 canvas deep purple.
2. When It was dry, I began painting the circle design starting with a lighter shade of purple
3. To make the design: I painted a small circle in the bottom left, which serves as the center of my shape. Then I made lines the size and thickness of a grain of rice all the way around the center mark. From there, I added levels of marks to increase the diameter of the circle-like shape. 
4. I continued this same method of making these shapes by using lime green then the darker green (on the left side), pink, and lastly- turquoise.  

And there they are!! 
Now I just need to figure out what to paint for the rest of the grouping...

PS- My precious angel, Trixie, wanted you all to know that she helped with this project too :)) 

xoxo, Rhiannon

29 December, 2011

Scrapbooking on a Budget

So far, I'm sticking to my New Years resolution...

As you could image I stay busy making and creating. The project for this week happens to be a scrapbook!

As a christmas present, my amazing boyfriend started a scrapbook of our past two years together, which was something I had been talking about doing for awhile now. He picked everything out, and printed out dozens of pictures. And now, I get to take all of his prep-work and turn it in to a beautiful scrapbook full of fun memories! -- Just a warning: this is  mushy, gushy project.

this is the actual scrapbook he choose, and the picture he choose for the cover! He's precious :)

Like many of you, I am a BEGINNER scrapbooker. So I have decided to document the creation of this scrapbook from beginning to end... 

Day 1: 

Page 1: Our first date.
 This is the only picture from our first date, so I've got a lot of room to be creative with this page. I went to Hobby Lobby and purchased some 3D embellishments (on sale for 40%off woohoo!) and I think with some cute fonts, and a little story insert, I can make an awesome page. I will be coming back to this page next week when I get a little more inspiration. 


Page 2: Our friends said we were always "puppy lovin"
These are a few photos from the very beginning of our relationship when we were just dating and extremely smitten for each other. 
So, I took different color cardstock to place behind each photo, as well as a small cut out of patterned paper. I bought a few love-inspired sticker sets at hobby lobby as well, and a sheet of pink letters to bring this page to life! 

Page 3: My Sorority Formal
I still have some pictures to print for this page, but I'm seriously struggling with creative ideas for it...

Page 4: Summer Braves Game
I think this page should be pretty straight forward: a few pictures, some stickers and embellishments from hobby lobby and there ya go!

The rest of my pages look like the ones above and have small ideas in the works. I will have a good amount of creative time over the next few weeks, and I can't wait to see how this project will turn out!!  

I'll leave you with one of my favorite quotes, which I painted of course :)

Until next time, 
xoxo Rhiannon

28 December, 2011

Truth is...

Truth is....
I'm terrible at this blogging thing.

One of my many New Years Resolutions is to get better at blog posting!!! ... and I'm starting tonight. Yes I know it's not 2012 yet, but i'm trying to be productive and beat my own tendencies of procrastination before Jan 1st comes and goes without a blog post. So the goal is: 1 post a day until Jan 1st. Then AT LEAST 1 a week after that.. Any friends want to hold me to this!!?? :)

On another note, 
As I reflect on the past year, I have really enjoyed painting coolers for friends and family. It seems like such a silly thing to do, but let me tell ya, guys just can't get enough of these custom beer carriers. So, I think in 2012, as another New Years Resolution, I will be taking my "mini-business" to the next level and intensely marketing myself and my coolers! If you are interested in a cooler or any of my artwork, please visit and "Like" my page RhiCreates.  I update my facebook page A LOT more than this blog :)

Here are a few photos of a cooler I finished right before Christmas for one of my boyfriends bestfriends. He was completely shocked by this gift that his lady friend got me to paint for him, and absolutely loves it! So I thought I'd share... enjoy!

His last name is Corley :)

His favorite alcohol, we're still in college, so it fits! 

Russell Athletics Brand Logo- His name is Russell--- very clever :)

We must always represent UGA!

and.. he's a good ole country boy! 
ps- the white is still there because I had to take these pictures before my top-coat of sealant was dry.. we had to sneak it into the apartment sooner than I thought. haha!

If you are interested in ANY of my artwork please contact me via RhiCreates Facebook Page and I will be glad to give you a price quote, and talk to you about personalized artwork. 

The price of coolers depends on the size of cooler and graphics chosen. 

I'd love to be your artist :)

26 November, 2011

Gift Ideas

While visiting my family for thanksgiving I ventured out for some black friday shopping. Needless to say, I spent wayyy more than I planned on, and I didn't even make a dent in my shopping list.  So, all day i've been trying to think of gifts that I can make for my family and friends that are budget friendly. If you are anything like me, you try to make your money go as far as possible when it comes to christmas gifts. I've done a pretty decent job in the past with crafty gifts, and I've already got a few ideas for this year, but I've got a lot more searching to do on Pinterest and other blogs before I get everything figured out!

So, I thought i'd share some gifts i've created for past holidays and birthdays in hopes of inspiring your crafty side to save money during the holidays!

The Cooler-- what guy doesn't want a cooler to hold all of his beer  drinks :) that is custom painted for him and what he likes??  I've done a ton of coolers to date and it is by far my favorite gift to give. I did this one for my wonderful boyfriend for our first christmas together! [ I posted a few weeks ago the cooler I painted for my dad recently too]


These were some simple paintings I did for my boyfriend's birthday a while back. These logos were free-handed but could be altered for paintings that anyone could do! 
1. Just print out a logo of any brand you would like to rhicreate, 
2. cut it out, 
3. trace around the edges lightly with a pencil 
4. Use acrylic paint from michaels, hobbylobby, or walmart, and fill it in! 

this was for a friend's birthday: 
- It was done on canvas board (flat board) with 3 simple acrylic paint colors, and would be great for a fun birthday present. 

These were all various paintings done for friends and friends of friends for gifts:

And there's always baking... I know my painting skills definitely outweigh my skills in the kitchen, but it's all about effort right!? So, I figured i'd share my efforts. 

1. For the cupcakes: 8 cupcakes, pink frosting, a squeeze tube of red frosting (on the cake aisle)
2. Candy
3. A mussshhy card
4. In the jar--- about 50 valentines (cars and buzz lightyear of course) all with special love messages :)

25 November, 2011

Just call me Santa's Helper!

I've been busy over this thanksgiving break! I'm getting caught up on all of my painting commissions that are owed to people, ya'll are keeping my busy and I LOVE IT! I started with christmas crafting and painting to add to my holiday spirit, then it will be on to a wedding sign, and a painting of a cute little owl. I thought i'd share what i've been up to.. enjoy!

again if you would like to see more- visit my facebook page RhiCreates Facebook

 Ornaments: some have vinyl decals that i've cut with my Circut, and the rest are hand painted. I sell these for $7-$20 each depending on size, design, and type. 

Paintings for Artini's December Calendar - Check it out! www.artinisartlounge.com 
     It's my awesome job! I teach people how to paint a specific painting and have the option of drinking beer and wine while having fun!

Paintings for Splash Into Art:  I also teach here :) I told you I was busy! Same deal as above, but in another town! Check it out www.splashintoart.com

Just Random Arts & Crafts for some wonderful customers: