28 December, 2011

Truth is...

Truth is....
I'm terrible at this blogging thing.

One of my many New Years Resolutions is to get better at blog posting!!! ... and I'm starting tonight. Yes I know it's not 2012 yet, but i'm trying to be productive and beat my own tendencies of procrastination before Jan 1st comes and goes without a blog post. So the goal is: 1 post a day until Jan 1st. Then AT LEAST 1 a week after that.. Any friends want to hold me to this!!?? :)

On another note, 
As I reflect on the past year, I have really enjoyed painting coolers for friends and family. It seems like such a silly thing to do, but let me tell ya, guys just can't get enough of these custom beer carriers. So, I think in 2012, as another New Years Resolution, I will be taking my "mini-business" to the next level and intensely marketing myself and my coolers! If you are interested in a cooler or any of my artwork, please visit and "Like" my page RhiCreates.  I update my facebook page A LOT more than this blog :)

Here are a few photos of a cooler I finished right before Christmas for one of my boyfriends bestfriends. He was completely shocked by this gift that his lady friend got me to paint for him, and absolutely loves it! So I thought I'd share... enjoy!

His last name is Corley :)

His favorite alcohol, we're still in college, so it fits! 

Russell Athletics Brand Logo- His name is Russell--- very clever :)

We must always represent UGA!

and.. he's a good ole country boy! 
ps- the white is still there because I had to take these pictures before my top-coat of sealant was dry.. we had to sneak it into the apartment sooner than I thought. haha!

If you are interested in ANY of my artwork please contact me via RhiCreates Facebook Page and I will be glad to give you a price quote, and talk to you about personalized artwork. 

The price of coolers depends on the size of cooler and graphics chosen. 

I'd love to be your artist :)

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